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: Programming Games with Java: A JFC Swing Tutorial
: Philip Conrod, Lou Tylee
: Kidware Software
: 2017
: 1165
: 29 Mb
: English

PROGRAMMING GAMES WITH JAVA explains (in simple, easy-to-follow terms) how to build a 2D Java GUI game project. Students learn about project design, the Java Swing controls, many elements of the Java language, and how to distribute finished projects. Game skills learned include handling multiple players, scoring, graphics, animation, and sounds. The game projects built include, in increasing complexity:

Safecracker Decipher a secret combination using clues from the computer
Tic Tac Toe The classic game
Match Game Find matching pairs of hidden photos use your own photos
Pizza Delivery A business simulation where you manage a small pizza shop for a night
Moon Landing Land a module on the surface of the moon
Leap Frog A fun arcade game where you get a frog through traffic and across a raging river

This course requires Microsoft Windows or MAC OS X, or Linux. To complete this Java tutorial, you need to have a copy of the free Java Development Kit (JDK) Standard Edition. This tutorial uses the free NetBeans IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for building and testing Java applications but can be adapted to other IDEs.


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