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: The Busy Coders Guide to Android Development. Version 8.12
: Mark L. Murphy
: CommonsWare
: 2018
: 4301
: True PDF, EPUB
: 93 Mb
: English

Do you want current information about how to develop Android apps? This book covers the latest Android Studio version and the latest version of Android, plus all the information you need to get your apps working on older devices.

The Books Structure As you may have noticed, this is a rather large book. To make the equivalent of ~4000 pages of material manageable, the chapters are divided into the core chapters and a series of trails. The core chapters represent many key concepts that Android developers need to understand in order to build an app. While an occasional nice to have topic will drift into the core to help illustrate a point, for example the core chapters generally are fairly essential. The core chapters are designed to be read in sequence and will interleave both traditional technical book prose with tutorial chapters, to give you hands-on experience with the concepts being discussed. Most of the tutorials can be skipped, though the frst two covering setting up your SDK environment and creating a project everybody should read.

Source code: github.com/commonsguy/cw-omnibus


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