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: Logic: The Basics, Second Edition
: Jc Beall, Shay A. Logan
: Routledge
: 2017
ISBN : 9781315723655
: 314
: 5,9 M
: English

Logic: The Basics is an accessible introduction to several core areas of logic. The first part of the book features a self-contained introduction to the standard topics in classical logic, such as:
mathematical preliminaries
propositional logic
quantified logic (first monadic, then polyadic)
English and standard symbolic translations
tableau procedures.
Alongside comprehensive coverage of the standard topics, this thoroughly revised second edition also introduces several philosophically important nonclassical logics, free logics, and modal logics, and gives the reader an idea of how they can take their knowledge further. With its wealth of exercises (solutions available in the encyclopedic online supplement), Logic: The Basics is a useful textbook for courses ranging from the introductory level to the early graduate level, and also as a reference for students and researchers in philosophical logic
This work is an excellent and easily accessible resource material, especially for those interested to pursue further studies in advanced logic. It is a roadmap that tells you how to navigate your way in the forest of different logical theories. It serves as a gateway to the "plurality of logics". Jeremiah Joven Joaquin, De La Salle University, Manila.
With this new edition, Logic the basics is the best introductory textbook for non-classical logic. It clearly introduces each new topic and shows how it connects to earlier chapters. It is a fantastic choice for introducing undergraduates to exciting developments in logic. Tracy Lupher, Co-director of the Logic and Reasoning Institute, James Madison University, USA


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