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Machine Learning and Cognition in Enterprises: Business Intelligence Transformed: Machine Learning and Cognition in Enterprises: Business Intelligence Transformed
: Rohit Kumar
: Apress
ISBN: 148423068X
: 2017
: 321
: epub, azw3, pdf
: 10.25 MB

Learn about the emergence and evolution of IT in the enterprise, see how machine learning is transforming business intelligence, and discover various cognitive artificial intelligence solutions that complement and extend machine learning. In this book, author Rohit Kumar explores the challenges when these concepts intersect in IT systems by presenting detailed descriptions and business scenarios. He starts with the basics of how artificial intelligence started and how cognitive computing developed out of it. He'll explain every aspect of machine learning in detail, the reasons for changing business models to adopt it, and why your business needs it.

Along the way you'll become comfortable with the intricacies of natural language processing, predictive analytics, and cognitive computing. Each technique is covered in detail so you can confidently integrate it into your enterprise as it is needed. This practical guide gives you a roadmap for transforming your business with cognitive computing, giving you the ability to work confidently in an ever-changing enterprise environment.

There are plenty of such tools (machine learning, predictive analytics, descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, prescriptive analytics) available on the market. I am pointing out a few famous ones here: SAP HANA Predictive Analytics, Apache Mahout, IBM SPSS, SAS, Statistical, Oracle Advanced Analytics, Actuate, Mathematica, Orange Data Mining, RapidMiner, KNIME, R Software Environment, Dataiku, Apache Spark and other.

What You'll Learn:
See the history of AI and how machine learning and cognitive computing evolved
Discover why cognitive computing is so important and why your business needs it
Master the details of modern AI as it applies to enterprises
Map the path ahead in terms of your IT-business integration
Avoid common road blocks in the process of adopting cognitive computing in your business

Who This Book Is For:
Business managers and leadership teams.

Machine Learning and Cognition in Enterprises: Business Intelligence Transformed


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