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: Lean Game Development: Apply Lean Frameworks to the Process of Game Development
: Julia Naomi Rosenfield Boeira
: Apress
: 2017
: 159
: 10 Mb
: English

Apply lean frameworks and other concepts of software development to the process of your game development. Resistance to Agile methodologies in the gaming industry is most often due to frustrated attempts to use lean tools and frameworks. Lean Game Development teaches you how to apply frameworks and concepts successfully to benefit you and your team. You will see how to manage, develop and coexist in a lean game development environment.
Youll understand what lean is and how it helps the gaming industry. Youll see how to apply MVP concepts and why you should. The concepts taught are used not only in the design of the software code but also in all stages of the development process.
Ideal for any game development company, including indie and small studios, Lean Game Development offers new opportunities for streamlining your workflow and benefiting your game development overall.
What You'll Learn
Discover how lean helps the gaming industry
Understand the value of lean over Agile
Apply MVP concepts to gaming industry
Work with basic automated testing for gaming environment

Who This Book Is For
Game developers, artist, designers and project managers


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