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: Information & Computer Technology, Modeling & Control
: Ivane Gorgidze
: Nova Science Publishers
: 2017
: 11
: / English

In the near future, information technology is likely to be one of the most potent growth areas in advanced industrialised countries. Indeed, it is now widely recognised that long-term economic prosperity will crucially depend upon people's success in developing, mastering, exploiting and marketing information systems. Modelling, analysis, and control of complex systems have interested scientists and engineers for a long time.

With the invention of digital computers, modelling and control have taken great importance with numerous applications in various spheres. Although the argument for the rapid development and introduction of information technology into the many aspects of our everyday existence is extremely strong, unfortunately it remains the case that at present the technology is being used effectively by only a small proportion of the people who could benefit from it.

In this book, the papers of the Georgian scientists and engineers are presented. Currently novel technologies include information technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology, cognitive science, robotics and artificial intelligence. The purpose of the investigations in these fields is the consolidation and support of Georgian scientists and the experts working in the field of advanced technologies, expansion of international scientific communications, and assistance in the introduction of high-tech technologies.

This collection of articles examines the following questions: problems of control, computer-aided engineering, information and communication systems, prospects of new technologies, systems analysis, intellectual control and decision-making systems, mathematical modelling and computer simulation, problems of sustainable development, parallel computing and its applications, control systems, monitoring systems and measuring systems, theoretical computer science, the paradigm of creativity management, and pedagogy, psychology and spiritual dimensions of scientific paradigms.


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