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The Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book: The Official Raspberry Pi Projects Book
: raspberrypi.org
: 2015
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The Official Raspberry Pi Projects book is out now with 200 pages of ideas, inspiration and guides to help you with your next Raspberry Pi project!

Just over seven million Raspberry Pis have been sold around the world. That makes this credit card-sized PC one of the most successful computers the UK has ever made. Its quite amazing really, that a tiny UK charity, dedicated to making computing and computer science affordable and available to people from all walks of life, should end up with such an incredible success story on their hands.
You can learn more about the Raspberry Pi Foundations charitable and educational aims at raspberrypi.org, but regardless of what you want to do with your Raspberry Pi be it for fun, for education, or as a proof of concept for a multimillion-dollar invention The Official Raspberry Pi Project Book has something to inspire, help, and guide you on your journey.Whatever you decide to do with your Pi, I hope you have fun doing it.
Russell Barnes

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