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: Mathematics & Physics for Programmers, 2nd Edition
: Danny Kodicek,? John P Flynt
: Cengage Learning
: 2011
: 688
: True PDF
: 10 Mb
: English

The casual game market continues to expand, and with the use of Flash growing and the increased popularity of the iPhone and other mobile gaming devices, developers have an exciting new route to market. But many of these budding game programmers find that they're missing the core math and physics skills they need to develop even simple games. Mathematics and Physics for Programmers (Second Edition) teaches beginning game programmers they skills they need to develop causal games. Beginning with the basic aspects of mathematics and physics that are relevant to games, and moving on to more complex topics, the book combines theory and practice and the reader develops a number of games throughout the course of the book. With the concepts and techniques presented in the book, readers should be able to program a number of standard casual game types, including Mario-style platformers, driving simulations, puzzle games, and a simple first-person shooter. They will also gain a basic understanding of 2D and 3D geometry.

From the Publisher

Provides coverage of all the latest casual gaming technology, including mobile devices such as the iPhone.

Written for beginning game programmers who need to learn the basic mathematics and physics skills necessary to develop casual games.

The book covers both theory and practice through hands-on application of new skills learned.

All examples and techniques are non-platform specific.

An accompanying CD-ROM includes all the source code needed to create the games in the book.


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