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: C algorithms for real-time DSP
: Paul Embree
: Prentice Hall
: 1995
ISBN: 0133373533
: pdf
: 256
: 10,9 mb
: English

Digital signal processing techniques have become the method of choice in signal processing as digital computers have increased in speed, convenience, and availability. At the same time, the C language is proving itself to be a valuable programming tool for real-time computationally intensive software tasks. This book is a complete guide to digital real-time signal processing techniques in the C language.

This book is constructed in such a way that it will be most useful to the engineer who is familiar with DSP and the C language, but who is not necessarily an expert in both. All of the example programs in this book have been tested using standard C compilers in the UNIX and MS-DOS programming environments. In addition, the examples have been compiled utilizing the real-time programing tools of specific real-time embedded DSP microprocessors and then tested with real-time hardware using real world signals.


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