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Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET: Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET
: Glenn Block, Pablo Cibraro, Pedro Felix, Darrel Miller
: O'Reilly
: 2014
: 16,5
: / English

Design and build Web APIs for a broad range of clientsincluding browsers and mobile devicesthat can adapt to change over time. This practical, hands-on guide takes you through the theory and tools you need to build evolvable HTTP services with Microsofts ASP.NET Web API framework. In the process, youll learn how design and implement a real-world Web API.

Ideal for experienced .NET developers, this books sections on basic Web API theory and design also apply to developers who work with other development stacks such as Java, Ruby, PHP, and Node.

Dig into HTTP essentials, as well as API development concepts and styles
Learn ASP.NET Web API fundamentals, including the lifecycle of a request as it travels through the framework
Design the Issue Tracker API example, exploring topics such as hypermedia support with collection+json
Use behavioral-driven development with ASP.NET Web API to implement and enhance the application
Explore techniques for building clients that are resilient to change, and make it easy to consume hypermedia APIs
Get a comprehensive reference on how ASP.NET Web API works under the hood, including security and testability

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