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: Learn Pixi.js
: Rex van der Spuy
: Apress
: 2015
ISBN: 9781484210956
: pdf
: XXVII, 210
: 10,6 mb
: English

Create and display interactive graphics, build scenes and animated transitions, make cross-platform, responsive games and applications for multiple screen resolutions, and use Pixi.jss spectacular WebGL rendering effects. Learn how to create applications for desktop and touch-screen devices, and how to use the best open-source plugins to extend Pixi.jss capabilities in a myriad of exciting ways.

If you've ever wondered what you need to know to start making games, or what technology you need to build high-performance mobile apps, this book will show you the way.Learn Pixi.jsis your one-stop shop for everything you need to know to quickly start making spectacular cross-platform interactive games and animations.

Take a step-by-step tour of Pixi.js's features by building fun game projects.
Learn how to use Pixi.js to make richly interactive graphics and all kind of cross-platform applications.

Learn Pixi.jsis a fun and practical brief introduction to using the powerful Pixi.js graphics-rendering engine for making websites, games and mobile apps.


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