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: Python Programming: The Guide For Machine Learning
: Lewis Moore
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
ASIN: B07L8K3X23
: 2018
: 50
: epub, azw3, pdf (conv)
: 10.1 MB

Learn Python Programming in a fast and easy way!

Excited about computer science, machine learning and programming? This book is the ultimate guide to Python programming for beginners and intermediates!

Considering that Python is used by big tech companies like Google, Nokia, IBM, Yahoo!, Pinterest, Disney and many others, it makes a lot of sense to prioritize learning Python if you have any prospects of working with the big guys. Even if you are not going into tech as a developer or programmer, knowing a bit about the language will put you ahead of many prospective job seekers in many large corporations that are heavily using tech to grow and enhance efficiency. Nonetheless, even if you dont really desire to live off programming, learning the whole thing is still worth every second of your time.

The knowledge you are going to get from this book will also help you in data applications, website and other apps you will want to create in future. It'll also give you strong fundamentals of Python programming that will serve you as a solid base to create even more complex programs!

Here's a preview of the subjects covered in this book:
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Variable Types
And Much More!

Python Programming: The Guide For Machine Learning


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