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QGIS Python Programming Cookbook: QGIS Python Programming Cookbook
: Joel Lawhead
: Packt Publishing
: 2015
: 24,1
: / English

QGIS Python Programming will teach you how to write Python code that works with spatial data to automate geoprocessing tasks in QGIS. It will cover topics such as querying and editing vector data and using raster data.

You will also learn to create, edit, and optimize a vector layer for faster queries, reproject a vector layer, reduce the number of vertices in a vector layer without losing critical data, and convert a raster to a vector. Following this, you will come across recipes that will help you to compose static maps, create heavily customized maps, and add specialized labels and annotations. Apart from this, the book will also share a few tips and tricks based on different aspects of QGIS.

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