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Learning PHP: A Gentle Introduction to the Web's Most Popular Language
: Learning PHP: A Gentle Introduction to the Web's Most Popular Language
: David Sklar
: OReilly
: 2016
ISBN : 978-1-491-93357-2
: 415
: 7 M
: English

If you want to get started with PHP, this book is essential. Author David Sklar (PHP Cookbook) guides you through aspects of the language you need to build dynamic server-side websites. By exploring features of PHP 5.x and the exciting enhancements in the latest release, PHP 7, youll learn how to work with web servers, browsers, databases, and web services. End-of-chapter exercises help you make the lessons stick.
Whether youre a hobbyist looking to build dynamic websites, a frontend developer ready to add server-side programs, or an experienced programmer who wants to get up to speed with this language, this gentle introduction also covers aspects of modern PHP, such as internationalization, using PHP from the command line, and package management.
Learn how PHP interacts with browsers and servers
Understand data types, variables, logic, looping, and other language basics
Explore how to use arrays, functions, and objects
Build and validate web forms
Work with databases and session management
Access APIs to interact with web services and other websites
Jumpstart your project with popular PHP web application frameworks


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