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Learning Game AI Programming with Lua: Learning Game AI Programming with Lua
: David Young
: Packt Publishing
: 2014
: 15,6
: / English

Game AI can be easily broken up into a number of components such as decision making, animation handling, and tactics, but the balance and interaction between each system strikes a balance between good AI and bad AI.

Beginning with an introduction to the AI sandbox, each new aspect of game AI is introduced, implemented, and then expanded upon. Going forward, you will learn to utilize open source libraries such as Ogre3D, Bullet Physics, OpenSteer, Recast, Detour, and Lua to create an AI sandbox with an entire codebase available to expand and step through.

This is done through a step-by-step approach, from learning to move basic shapes to fully animating your soldiers. By the end of the book, your AI will be able to navigate, pathfind, manage animation playback, communicate, and perceive their environment.

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