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: Emerging Trends and Applications in Cognitive Computing
: Pradeep Kumar Mallick, Samarjeet Borah
: IGI Global
: Advances in Computational Intelligence and Robotics
: 2018
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Though an individual can process a limitless amount of information, the human brain can only comprehend a small amount of data at a time. Using technology can improve the process and comprehension of information, but the technology must learn to behave more like a human brain to employ concepts like memory, learning, visualization ability, and decision making.

Emerging Trends and Applications in Cognitive Computing is a fundamental scholarly source that provides empirical studies and theoretical analysis to show how learning methods can solve important application problems throughout various industries and explain how machine learning research is conducted. Including innovative research on topics such as deep neural networks, cyber-physical systems, and pattern recognition, this collection of research will benefit individuals such as IT professionals, academicians, students, researchers, and managers.

The modern techniques of artificial intelligence have found application in almost all the fields of human knowledge. Among them, two important techniques of artificial intelligence, fuzzy systems (FS) and artificial neural networks (ANNs), have found many applications in various fields such as production, control systems, diagnostic, supervision, etc. They evolved and improved throughout the years to adapt arising needs and technological advancements. However, a great emphasis is given in the engineering field. The techniques of artificial intelligence based on fuzzy logic and neural networks are frequently applied together for solving engineering problems where the classic techniques do notsupply an easy and accurate solution. Separately, each one of these techniques possesses advantages and disadvantages that, when mixed together, provide better results than the ones achieved with the use of each isolated technique. As ANNs and fuzzy systems have often been applied together, the concept of a fusion between them started to take shape.

Emerging Trends and Applications in Cognitive Computing


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