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: Pragmatic Deep Learning for Dummies
: Benjamin Young
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2019
: epub, azw3
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AI especially Deep Learning has made tremendous progress in recent years. It start to spread to all industries. Quote from Andrew Ng, a famous AI researcher:AI is the new electricity. About 100 years ago, electricity transformed every major industry. AI has advanced tothe point where it has the power to transform every major sector in coming years. "Unless you are a refresh graduated student with AI/deep learning major, many of us do not have a formal machine learning/deep learning training before, so it is time to keep updated with latest technology. This book will help you learn and grasp deep learning technology from ground zero with many interesting real world examples. The books could also be used as a quick guide on how to use and understand deep learning in the real life. Readers should have basic knowledge of Python, scripting etc.

Pragmatic Deep Learning for Dummies


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