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Expert Python Programming - Second Edition: Expert Python Programming - Second Edition
: Micha Jaworski, Tarek Ziadé
: Packt Publishing
: 460
: 2016
ISBN: 978-1785886850
: 11 MB

Python is a dynamic programming language, used in a wide range of domains by programmers who find it simple, yet powerful. Even if you find writing Python code easy, writing code that is efficient and easy to maintain and reuse is a challenge.
The focus of the book is to familiarize you with common conventions, best practices, useful tools and standards used by python professionals on a daily basis when working with code.
You will begin with knowing new features in Python 3.5 and quick tricks for improving productivity. Next, you will learn advanced and useful python syntax elements bought in this new version. Using advanced object-oriented concepts and mechanisms available in python, you will learn different approaches to implement metaprogramming. You will learn to choose good names, write packages and create standalone exectuables easily.

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