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: RSA Security's Official Guide to Cryptography
: Steve Burnett and Stephen Paine
: McGraw-Hill Education
: 2001
: 10
: / English

Learn how cryptography works--from the leading authority in e-security. Cryptography is one of the smartest ways to protect the information on your network and reduce the risk of security breaches and attacks from hackers. And because implementing cryptography is a complex process, you need the practical advice and proven techniques contained inside this official guide. Written by insiders at RSA Security, this expert resource explains the differences between symmetric-key and public-key cryptography, how PKI and X.509 affect security, how the RSA algorithm works within protocols, and much more. Youll also read actual case-studies detailing different types of security vulnerabilities and what types of cryptography applications would prevent attacks.

This book will show you how to:

Distinguish different types of symmetric-key encryption algorithms and know where each is best used
Find out how password-based encryption works
Communicate safely over unsecure channels using public-key technology
Use public-key technology for authentication and non-repudiation
Get details on current PKI standards and technology--including vendor information
Understand X.509 certificates and directory structures
Get an operational overview of widely-used protocols--including IPSec, SSL, and SET
Recognize how corporations use cryptography to improve security through real-world case studies
View cryptography from different perspectives--corporations, developers, and users
Effectively use digital signatures and hardware solutions--smart cards, tokens, key storage devices, and more

Improve security and protect your company's information with the most authoritative guide to cryptography available.


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