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: Information Technology Essentials Volume 1: Introduction to Information Systems
: Eric Frick
: Independently published
: 2019
: 265
: epub
: 30.0 MB

This book is designed to be a survey of the essential topics of Information Systems. The material covers important topics that drive computing and information technology today. The book is broken down into sections that cover a survey of essential areas of information systems. These topics include:- An introduction and overview of computer hardware- How software is built by industry today using the software development lifecycle.- Cloud computing and the services that are offered by the leading vendors on the market today- Computer security and,- The future of computing and more.

Becoming a software developer requires much more than just knowing how to write programs. This is the first book in the series and starts with the basics of information technology. This book contains the material that a typical entry-level class that a first-year computer science student would take.

In this book, I will show you how to get started with some beginner programs to illustrate how to get set up and going with a simple coding environment. My purpose is not to make you an expert in software development, but rather to show you how to get started and then how to get more information later.

We will use the Microsoft .NET Core development environment as our development environment. I will first give you a brief overview of .NET Core and how to download and install it on your computer. Next, I will then show you how to write some simple command-line programs. After that, I will show you how to write a simple website with .NET Core. In the last section of this chapter, I will give you some information on where to get more information about C# and .NET Core development.

.NET Core is an open-source cross development platform that was developed by Microsoft. It is a cross-platform development platform that supports the Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. Since it supports cross-platform development, it is an ideal environment for learning how to program. Also, it is very lightweight and easy to install.

Information Technology Essentials Volume 1: Introduction to Information Systems


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