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: Visual C#.NET: Windows Forms Programming with C#
: Max Beerbohm
: Amazon Digital Services LLC
: 2019
: epub, rtf, pdf (conv)
: 10.15 MB

Windows Forms is a Graphical User Interface(GUI) class library which is bundled in .Net Framework. Its main purpose is to provide an easier interface to develop the applications for desktop, tablet, PCs. It is also termed as the WinForms. The applications which are developed by using Windows Forms or WinForms are known as the Windows Forms Applications that runs on the desktop computer. WinForms can be used only to develop the Windows Forms Applications not web applications. WinForms applications can contain the different type of controls like labels, list boxes, tooltip etc.

A windows form application is an application, which is designed to run on a computer. It will not run on web browser because then it becomes a web application.

This Tutorial will focus on how we can create Windows-based applications. We will also learn some basics on how to work with the various elements of Windows applications.

In this book, you will learn:

What is c #
Why C-Sharp was created
What is the origin of the term C #
Main uses of C #
* Windows Application Development:
* Create web applications typically via:
* the games:
* C # Features

-Chapter One
#C Programming Language Quick Guide

Data types Types and Variables
History and configuration
Data structures
Bitwise comparison operators
Control structures
For Each loop
Switch instruction
Data conversion
Interesting features
Keyword yield
Optional transactions
Floating species
Call the SetDefault function defined above
Dealing with errors
Resource Management
Parallel programming
Parallel with ASPARALLEL
Delegation and Events
Delegate is a reference to a child

-Chapter II
NET Framework
About this chapter
Main sections of the framework
Common Implementation Environment
FCL Framework Class Library
C # Compiler
How does the program execute using CLR?
Chapter III
Get started with C-Sharp
The first program
A simple program to add two integers
More optimized program to add two numbers

-Chapter IV
Lambda expressions and Linq queries
Lambda expressions
Linq queries
Supportive exercises

-Chapter V
Use and handle Events
Relationship between Events and Delegates
Anonymous Methods Anonymous Methods
Supportive exercises
Chapter VI
Object Oriented Programming
General principles of the object-oriented concept

Visual C#.NET: Windows Forms Programming with C#


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