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Creating Dynamic UIs with Android Fragments, 2nd Edition
: Creating Dynamic UIs with Android Fragments, 2nd Edition
: Jim Wilson
: Packt Publishing
: 2016
ISBN : 978-1-78588-959-2
: 154
: 2,5 M
: English

This book is for developers with a basic understanding of Android programming who would like to improve the appearance and usability of their applications by creating a more interactive user experience and dynamically adaptive UIs; providing better support for tablets and smartphones in a single app; and reducing the complexity of managing app UIs.
What You Will Learn
Learn the role and capabilities of fragments
Use Android Studio's fragment-oriented features
Create an app UI that works effectively on smartphones and tablets
Manage the creation and life cycle of fragments
Dynamically manage fragments using the FragmentTransaction class
Learn the application design for communicating between fragments
Leverage fragments when implementing applications that take advantage of the latest features of Material Design

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