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: Fundamentals of Programming: Using Python
: Bruce Embry
: Lulu.com
: 2020
: epub/pdf(conv.)
: 248
: 11.2 Mb
: English

Why Python and why another Python book?
Simplicity. Python is one of the simplest programming languages I know. And I know several. Its syntax is intuitive. It enforces good style. It is so simple that one can ignore the language and focus on the problem to be solved.
After graduating with degrees in Economics, Law and Information Technology, and practicing law for 27 years, I now have my ideal job, teaching programming to some of the brightest beings in the universe, my students. I have had success in my classes, with students coming back again and again, taking any class I teach. But there is not enough room in my classes for everyone. I yearn to share my knowledge of and my passion for computers with many more students than could ever take my classes.


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