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Learning ClojureScript
: Learning ClojureScript
: W. David Jarvis, Rafik Naccache, Allen Rohner
: Packt Publishing
: 2016
ISBN : 978-1-78588-763-5
: 296
: 5,8 M
: English

Set up interactive development workflows for the browser or Node.js thanks to the ClojureScript ecosystem
Learn the basics of interactive single page web app development taking advantage of the functional nature of ClojureScript
Delve into advanced rich web application development concepts such as Om, along with core.async, using zippers and logic programming, and preparing code for production with testing or optimizing via the Google Closure Compiler
This book is for web application developers who want to benefit from the power of ClojureScript to get an agile and highly productive development platform that targets mainly browser javascript.
You are not required to be fluent in Clojure, but it will be easier for you if you have a basic understanding of browser and server-side javascript.
Understand how the ClojureScript compiler operates
Set up interactive development workflows for ClojureScript
Grasp the basics of the ClojureScript language, including basic syntax, data structures, variable scoping, namespaces, and finally the powerful sequence abstraction
Delve into advanced concepts such as functional programming, macro writing, asynchronous programming, app routing, and real-time web
Develop simple one page web applications
Explore techniques to make your web apps aware of the external world through external or embedded database access or Oauth 2 integration
Learn more advanced ClojureScript concepts like in app routing, real-time web
Prepare your work for production, getting insights into optional type-checking, writing portable Clojure/ClojureScript code, and testing

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