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High Performance iOS Apps: Optimize Your Code for Better Apps
: Gaurav Vaish
: High Performance iOS Apps: Optimize Your Code for Better Apps
: O'Reilly Media
: 2016
ISBN: 978-1491911006
: English
: pdf
: 38,3 mb
: 464

You may already have an amazing iOS app, or be developing one. Everything looks great except for some kinks that prohibit users from giving the app that final fifth star or prevent you from releasing it.

Issues like a jitter when the user goes to the nth item in table view or the app hogging the network or consuming a lot battery are some of the visible symptoms that the user will be aware of. Howrever, the problems lie somewhere deeper.

Tuning an app for performance is a never-ending task, especially with new app features, OS versions, third-party libraries, and device configurations. These are only some of the things that keep developers on their toes about app performance.

According to a study, about a quarter of users abandon an app if it does not load within 3 seconds, and about a third of users will tell others about their poor experience.

Users want apps that are fast, responsive, and do not hog resources. This book takes a look at various aspects that negatively impact use and outlines how you can tune your app for performance.

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