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Practical D3.js
: Practical D3.js
: Tarek Amr, Rayna Stamboliyska
: Apress
: 2016
ISBN : 978-1-4842-1928-7
: 181
: 11,5 M
: English

Your indispensable guide to mastering the efficient use of D3.js in professional-standard data visualization projects. You will learn what data visualization is, how to work with it, and how to think like a D3.js expert, both practically and theoretically.
does not just show you how to use D3.js, it teaches you how to think like a data scientist and work with the data in the real world. In Part One, you will learn about theories behind data visualization. In Part Two, you will learn how to use D3.js to create the best charts and layouts. Uniquely, this book intertwines the technical details of D3.js with practical topics such as data journalism and the use of open government data.
Written by leading data scientists Tarek Amr and Rayna Stamboliyska, this book is your guide to using D3.js in the real world add it to your library today.

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