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Building Maintainable Software, C# Edition: Ten Guidelines for Future-Proof Code
: Joost Visser, Sylvan Rigal, Gijs Wijnholds, Pascal van Eck, Rob van der Leek
: Building Maintainable Software, C# Edition: Ten Guidelines for Future-Proof Code
: O'Reilly Media
: 2016
ISBN: 978-1491954522
: English
: pdf
: 15,4 mb
: 172

Written by consultants from the Software Improvement Group (SIG), this book provides clear and concise explanations, with advice for turning the guidelines into practice. Examples for this edition are written in C#, while our companion Java book provides clear examples in that language.

The guidelines in the following chapters are independent of the type of system. The guidelines are about the size and number of parameters in units of code (methods in C#), the number of decision points, and other properties of source code. They are well-known guidelines that many programmers may have heard about in their training. The chapters also provide examples, mostly in the form of refactoring patterns, of how to apply the guidelines in practice. Although the guidelines are presented in C#, they are independent of the programming language used. Eight out of 10 of them are derived from the SIG/TOViT Evaluation Criteria for Trusted Product Maintainability,2 a set of metrics to systematically rate source code maintainability.

This book is aimed at software developers who know how to program in C#.


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