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PHP Development Tool Essentials
: PHP Development Tool Essentials
: Chad Russell
: Apress
: 2015
ISBN : 978-1-4842-0683-6
: 123
: 5 M
: English

Pro PHP and MySQL aims to pick up where Jason Gilmore's best-selling Beginning PHP and MySQL leaves off. Although there are some similar topics touched on with each book, this in-depth "dive-in"-like book aims to further expose the reader into the many different methodologies, tools, and concepts that professional web developers are using more and more each day.
In this book, author Chad Russell teaches you PHP development best practices, such as version control, development environment virtualization, and coding standards. You'll also learn how to employ PHP design patterns to your web application development techniques and applications, giving you all the skills you need to write high-performing, elegant applications. You'll discover the most useful PHP web frameworks, including the new Laravel, symfony2, and micro-frameworks. As you do so, you'll learn how to use them to write the most productive PHP code possible.
In the MySQL sections of the book, you'll see how to work with MySQL, using object-relational mapping (ORM), Propel and Doctrine, advanced queries, normalization, keys and indexes, and optimization.
The final chapter covers the future of PHP and MySQL including HHVM, the Hack Language, PHPNG and more.

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