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jQuery Game Development Essentials
: Selim Arsever
: jQuery Game Development Essentials
: Packt Publishing
: 2013
ISBN: 978-1849695060
: English
: pdf
: 20,8 mb
: 244

jQuery is a leading multi-browser javascript library that developers across the world utilize on a daily basis to help simplify client-side scripting. Using the friendly and powerful jQuery to create games based on DOM manipulations and CSS transforms allows you to target a vast array of browsers and devices without having to worry about individual peculiarities.

"jQuery Game Development Essentials" will teach you how to use the environment, language, and framework that youre familiar with in an entirely new way so that you can create beautiful and addictive games. With concrete examples and detailed technical explanations you will learn how to apply game development techniques in a highly practical context.

This essential reference explains classic game development techniques like sprite animations, tile-maps, collision detection, and parallax scrolling in a context specific to jQuery. In addition, there is coverage of advanced topics specific to creating games with the popular javascript library, such as integration with social networks alongside multiplayer and mobile support. jQuery Game Development Essentials will take you on a journey that will utilize your existing skills as a web developer so that you can create fantastic, addictive games that run right in the browser.

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