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Swift 3 Functional Programming
: Fatih Nayebi
: Swift 3 Functional Programming
: Pact Publishing
: 2016
ISBN: 978-1785883880
: English
: pdf, epub
: 10 mb
: 296
Functional programming (FP) is getting a lot of attention as it eases many of the difficulties faced in object-oriented programming (OOP), such as testability, maintainability, scalability, and concurrency. Swift has a lot of functional programming features that can be easily used, but most Objective-C and Swift programmers are not familiar with these tools.

This book aims to simplify the functional programming paradigms and make it easily usable for Swift programmers, showing you how to use popular functional programming techniques to solve many of your day-to-day development problems. Whether you are new to functional programming and Swift or experienced, this book will provide you with the skills you need to design and develop high quality, easily maintainable, scalable, and efficient applications for iOS, rnacOS, tvOS, and watchOS. Through this book, you'll learn to build bug-free, maintainable code using functional programming.

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