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Learning Groovy
: Adam L. Davis
: Learning Groovy
: Apress
: 2016
ISBN: 978-1484221167
: English
: pdf
: 10,8 mb
: 102

Learn Groovy helps programmers learn Groovy, a flexible open-source Java-based dynamic scripting language built for the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), and the Groovy ecosystem.

This book covers Groovy fundamentals, Gradle, Grails, Spock, Groovy design patterns, and advanced some Groovy programming.

This book is organized into several chapters, starting from the most basic concepts. If you already understand a concept, you can safely move ahead to the next chapter. Although this book concentrates on Groovy, it also refers to other languages such as Java, Scala, and javascript.

As the title suggests, this book is about learning Groovy, but will also cover related technology such as build tools and web frameworks.

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