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The Android Game Developer's Handbook
: The Android Game Developer's Handbook
: Avisekhar Roy
: Packt Publishing
: 2016
ISBN : 978-1-78588-586-0
: 368
: 16,5 M
: English

Practical tips and tricks to develop powerful Android games
Learn to successfully implement microtransactions and monitor the performance of your game once it's out live.
Integrate Google's DIY VR tool and Google Cardboard into your games to join in on the VR revolution
This book is ideal for any game developer, with prior knowledge of developing games in Android. A good understanding of game development and a basic knowledge on Android platform application development and JAVA/C++ will be appreciated.
Learn the prospects of Android in Game Development
Understand the Android architecture and explore platform limitation and variations
Explore the various approaches for Game Development using Android
Learn about the common mistakes and possible solutions on Android Game Development
Discover the top Cross Platform Game Engines and port games on different android platform
Optimize memory and performance of your game.
Familiarize yourself with different ways to earn money from Android Games

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