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Learn to Program with Python
: Learn to Program with Python
: Irv Kalb
: Apress
: 2016
ISBN : 978-1-4842-2172-3
: 288
: 7,3 M
: English

Get started in the world of software development: go from zero knowledge of programming to comfortably writing small to medium-sized programs in Python. Programming can be intimidating (especially when most books on software require you to know and use obscure command line instructions) but it doesnt have to be that way!
In , author Irv Kalb uses his in-person teaching experience to guide you through learning the Python computer programming language. He uses a conversational style to make you feel as though he is your personal tutor. All material is laid out in a thoughtful manner, each lesson building on previous ones. Many realworld analogies make the material easy to relate to. A wide variety of well-documented examples are provided. Along the way, youll develop small programs onyour own through a series of coding challenges that reinforce the content of the chapters.
Learn fundamental programming concepts including: variables and assignment statements, functions, conditionals, loops, lists, strings, file input and output, Internet data, and data structures
Get comfortable with the free IDLE Interactive Development Environment (IDE), which you will use to write and debug all your Python code - no need to use the command line!
Build text-based programs, including a number of simple games
Learn how to re-use code by building your own modules
Use Python's built-in data structures and packages to represent and make use of complex data from the Internet

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