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Assembly Language Step-by-Step: Programming with Linux, 3rd Edition
: Jeff Duntemann
: Assembly Language Step-by-Step: Programming with Linux, 3rd Edition
: Wiley
: 2009
ISBN: 978-0470497029
: English
: pdf
: 16,6 mb
: 648

As the fundamental language of the CPU, assembly lays the groundwork for all other programming languages, especially native-code C, C++, and Pascal. By mastering assembly, programmers will learn how x86 computers operate all the way down to "the bare silicon," at a level of detail that no other approach can equal.

The long-awaited third edition of this bestselling introduction to assembly language has been completely rewritten to focus on 32-bit protected-mode Linux and the free NASM assembler. Assembly is the fundamental language bridging human ideas and the pure silicon hearts of computers, and popular author Jeff Dunteman retains his distinctive lighthearted style as he presents a step-by-step approach to this difficult technical discipline.

He starts at the very beginning, explaining the basic ideas of programmable computing, the binary and hexadecimal number systems, the Intel x86 computer architecture, and the process of software development under Linux. From that foundation he systematically treats the x86 instruction set, memory addressing, procedures, macros, and interface to the C-language code libraries upon which Linux itself is built.

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