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: Python: Practical Python Programming For Beginners and Experts
: Jonathan Yates
: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
: 2016
: 170
: 11 Mb
: English

Start work on your website, app, or search engine today with this practical Python guide, and claim your Free Bonus Chapter on Multi-Threaded Programming!

Become an expert in Python today with this easy to follow guide that now includes pictures and examples to make learning more fluid!

Are you aware that websites like Instagram, Spotify, and Pinterest use Python Programming in to make their sites? Will you create the next Instagram with your newfound expertise in Python? Python Programming is a widely used language that anyone can use and get good with, and also a super concise language that you can create nearly anything with. Mac, Linux, UNIX, and others have Python installed as a default setting since it is an open source and free language.

After you read this book, you will fluent in this versatile code language and see it applied to a variety of examples now with pictures! As stated, you can use the language to create everything you want; a website, make a game, or even create a search engine. The big plus of using Python is, an explicit compiler is not necessary since its an entirely interpreted language like Perl, Shell, and others.

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