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: Scratch by Example: Programming for All Ages
: Eduardo Vlieg
: Apress
: 2016
: 364
: 17 Mb
: English

This is a book about learning the Scratch language so that you can use it in teaching and other instructional situations. The book explains the visual nature of the language, showing you how to write programs by dragging and dropping visual blocks representing common compute operations.

Scratch is visual language that even young children can master. and makes computer programming as easy as dragging and dropping graphical blocks that represent programming commands, eliminating the traditional stumbling blocks of typing and syntax errors. With a drag-and-drop interface that runs in any web browser, and on devices from iPads to PCs to Macs to Microsoft Surface tablets, Scratch is an easily accessible way to enter the world of computer programming. This book teaches how to use Scratch in a fun and simple way that relies on examples and learning by doing. Progressing from simple three-block scripts that move a character across the screen to complex projects that involve motion, sound, and user input, this book:

Imparts a thorough understanding of the Scratch interface.
Shows how to create a range of Scratch projects, including simple games.
Builds a solid foundation for future programming in other languages

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