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Learning Buildbox 2 Game Development
: Learning Buildbox 2 Game Development
: Ty Audronis
: Packt Publishing
: 2016
: 310
: 45 Mb
: English

Build rich, high production value mobile games and distribute them across different platforms with Buildbox

Buildbox is an any skill level development platform to develop video games with no coding experience. It also exports these games to be compiled for any platform (from Windows to Mac to iOS to Android and Blackberry) all using the same graphic user interface.

Using an example as a tutorial, we will relate the driving principles and youll see how you can implement these principles to develop any games on the platform. We begin by setting expectations and providing a brief overview of the software. But its not long before you dive in to creating your first video game. You will actually have a playable level (world) by the end of the second chapter.

Later on, youll learn everything from basic graphics creation to advanced world design while you refine your first game, called Ramblin Rover. All along the way, you will see how certain functions could be used in tandem to create other types of games; hoping to spark imagination. We will follow the principles and process of monetization through ads and in-game rewards.

Lastly, we will go through the process of exporting, compiling, and preparing your storefront to sell the games you will eventually create.

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