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Business Intelligence with R
: Business Intelligence with R
: Dwight Barry
: Leanpub
: 2016
: 301
: 29 Mb
: English

The growth of R has been phenomenal over the past several years, reaching out past academia and research labs into the daily activities of business and industry. More and more line-level analysts are supplementing their SQL or Excel skills with R, and more and more businesses are hiring analysts with R skills to bridge the increasing gap between business needs and on-hand analytic resources.

While there are already many books that explore the use of R in statistics and data science, many of them are set as a series of case studies or are written predominantly for academic audiences as textbooks. There are also many R cookbooks, but they tend to cover the breadth of R's capabilities and options. This book aims to provide a cookbook of R recipes that are specifically of use in the daily workflow of data scientists and analysts in business and industry.

Business Intelligence with R is a practical, hands-on overview of many of the major BI/analytic tasks that can be accomplished with R. It is not meant to be exhaustivethere is always more than one way to accomplish a given task in R, so this book aims to provide the simplest and/or most robust approaches to meet daily workflow needs. It can serve as the go-to desk reference for the professional analyst who needs to get things done in R.

From setting up a project under version control to creating an interactive dashboard of a data product, this book will provide you with the pieces to put it all together.

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