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Programming Beyond Practices: Be More Than Just a Code Monkey
: Programming Beyond Practices: Be More Than Just a Code Monkey
: Gregory T Brown
: O'Reilly Media
: 2016
: 132
: 10 Mb
: English

Writing code is the easy part of your work as a software developer. This practical book lets you explore the other 90%everything from requirements discovery and rapid prototyping to business analysis and designing for maintainability. Instead of providing neatly packaged advice from on high, author Gregory Brown presents detailed examples of the many problems developers encounter, including the thought process it takes to solve them.

He does this in an unusual and entertaining fashion by making you the main character in a series of chapter-length stories. As these stories progress, the examples become more complex, and your responsibilities increase. Together, these stories take you on a journey that will make you question and refine the way you think about, and work on, software projects.

Steps in this unique journey include:

Using prototypes to explore project ideas
Spotting hidden dependencies in incremental changes
Identifying the pain points of service integrations
Developing a rigorous approach towards problem-solving
Designing software from the bottom up
Data modeling in an imperfect world
Gradual process improvement as an antidote for over-commitment
The future of software development

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