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Developing Your Own 32-Bit Operating System
: Richard A. Burgess
: Developing Your Own 32-Bit Operating System
: Sams Publishing
: 1995
ISBN: 978-0672306556
: English
: pdf
: 74,4 mb
: 800

Computer programmers and software engineers work with computer operating systems every day. They use them, they work with them, they even work around them if thats what it takes to get their jobs done. If youre an experienced programmer, this book is willing to bet youve pondered changes you would make to the operating systems you use, or youve even thought about what you would build and design into an operating system if you were to write your own.

In this book is discussed the major topics of designing your own OS: the tasking model, the memory model, programming interfaces, hardware interface, portability issues, size, and speed.

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