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Developer Testing: Building Quality into Software
: Developer Testing: Building Quality into Software
: Alexander Tarlinder
: Addison-Wesley Professional
: 2016
: 352
: 12 Mb
: English

How do successful agile teams deliver bug-free, maintainable softwareiteration after iteration? The answer is: By seamlessly combining development and testing. On such teams, the developers write testable code that enables them to verify it using various types of automated tests. This approach keeps regressions at bay and prevents testing cruncheswhich otherwise may occur near the end of an iterationfrom ever happening. Writing testable code, however, is often difficult, because it requires knowledge and skills that cut across multiple disciplines.

In Developer Testing, leading test expert and mentor Alexander Tarlinder presents concise, focused guidance for making new and legacy code far more testable. Tarlinder helps you answer questions like: When have I tested this enough? How many tests do I need to write? What should my tests verify? Youll learn how to design for testability and utilize techniques like refactoring, dependency breaking, unit testing, data-driven testing, and test-driven development to achieve the highest possible confidence in your software. Through practical examples in Java, C#, Groovy, and Ruby, youll discover what worksand what doesnt.

You can quickly begin using Tarlinders technology-agnostic insights with most languages and toolsets while not getting buried in specialist details. The author helps you adapt your current programming style for testability, make a testing mindset second nature, improve your code, and enrich your day-to-day experience as a software professional. With this guide, you will


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