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Java: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Java Programming
: Java: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Java Programming
: Steve Tale
: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
: 2016
: 122
: 11 Mb
: English

More than anything, what you have to understand about Java is that it is a general purpose, object-oriented programming language

- which means that it is easier to understand than other programming languages. It was designed primarily so that software developers could just code their programs once, and allow those programs run anywhere, or at least, in most platforms, as long as those platforms allow Java code to run in them.

Java primarily uses some of the same elements that C+ and C++ use, but transforms them into much simple, easy to understand versions that could also be modified depending on the developers preferences.

Java has also been created to run with enough runtime support, both for hardware and software, by means of representing each bytecode in a clear, and concise manner. For example, shih tzus, border collies, and terriers are all dogstherefore, they could all be classified as dogs, and thus, not a lot of space would be taken up in the system, and the system would be able to work in a fast manner. This is also the reason why Java is one of the worlds most powerful, and most used programming languages of all time!


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