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: Power Places and the Master Builders of Antiquity: Unexplained Mysteries of the Past
: Frank Joseph
: Bear & Company
: 2018
: 10
: / English

Sharing his personal investigations into a wide range of ancient mysteries and paranormal enigmas in America and abroad, Frank Joseph takes us on a journey into the high strangeness of our world. Beginning with the work of the master builders of antiquity, the author examines Old World connections with New World sacred centers, such as the similarities between Ohios Mound City and the pyramids and tombs of the Giza Plateau, as well as ancient American cities of the Sun, Chinas Great Pyramid, and the possibility of a Templar treasure on Oak Island. He explores modern sacred sites, such as Iowas Grotto of Gems, Tennessees Greek Temple of the goddess Athena, and Floridas Coral Castle.

He investigates pre-Columbian sites and underwater pyramids in the Midwest, Wisconsins UFO hot-spot, lost Aztec Cities of Gold in Kansas, and giant-built constructions in Illinois. He details how the intriguing acoustics of Newgrange in Ireland are echoed in its spiral carvings. Exploring spiritual uses of altered states, he looks at the practices of Minoan snake handlers, Mayan shamans, and prophets through the ages.

Providing his own investigations into classic paranormal phenomena and ancient mysteries, the author also examines evidence of the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, and the Ark of the Covenant. He explores the forgotten or suppressed work of some of historys most extraordinary personalities, including Jules Verne, Sir Francis Bacon, Mother Shipton, and the real-life inspiration for Indiana Jones, Count Byron de Prorok. He investigates wonders of our natural world, including communication with elemental beings, the numinous secrets of water, and the living soul of matter.


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