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: Antarctica: Earth's Own Ice World
: Michael Carroll, Rosaly Lopes
: Springer International Publishing
: 2019
: 197
: 12,4 Mb
: English

In 2016, scientist Rosaly Lopes and artist Michael Carroll teamed up as fellows of the National Science Foundation to travel to Mount Erebus, the worlds southernmost active volcano in Antarctica. The logistics of getting there and complex operations of Antarctica's McMurdo Station echo the kinds of strategies that future explorers will undertake as they set up settlements on Mars and beyond. This exciting popular-level book explores the arduous environment of Antarctica and how it is similar to other icy worlds in the Solar System.
The bulk of this story delves into Antarcticas infrastructure, exploration, and remote camps, culminating on the summit of Erebus. There, the authors explored the caves and ice towers on the volcanos flanks, taking photographs and generating original art depicting scenes in Antarctica and terrestrial analogs on other planets and moons.

Readers will see an intimate side of Mount Erebus and Antarctica while surveying the regions history, exploration, geology, and volcanology, which includes research funded by the National Science Foundations United States Antarctic Programs. Richly illustrated with photographs and stunning paintings showcasing the beauty of the harsh continent, the book captures the spirit and splendor of the authors journey to Erebus.


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