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Elephant Complex: Travels in Sri Lanka: Elephant Complex: Travels in Sri Lanka
: John Gimlette
: Knopf
: 2016
: 53,6
: / English

No one sees the world quite like John Gimlette. As The New York Times once noted, he writes with enormous wit, indignation, and a heightened sense of the absurd. Writing for both the adventurer and the armchair traveler, he has an eye for unusually telling detail, a sense of wonder, and compelling curiosity for the inside story. This time, he travels to Sri Lanka, a country only now emerging from twenty-six years of civil war. Delving deep into the nations story, Gimlette provides us with an astonishing, multifaceted portrait of the island today.

His travels reveal the country as never before. Beginning in the exuberant capital, Colombo (a hint of anarchy everywhere), he ventures out in all directions: to the dry zones where the islands 5,800 wild elephants congregate around ancient reservoirs; through cinnamon country with its Portuguese forts; to the Bible Belt of Buddhismthe tsunami-ravaged southeast coast; then up into the great green highlands (the garden in the sky) and Kandy, the countrys eccentric, aristocratic Shangri-la. Along the way, a wild and often desperate history takes shape, a tale of great colonies (Arab, Portuguese, British, and Dutch) and of the cultural divisions that still divide this society. Before long, were in Jaffna and the Vanni, crucibles of the recent conflict. These areasthe hottest, driest, and least hospitablehave been utterly devastated by war and are only now struggling to their feet.

But this is also a story of friendship and remarkable encounters. In the course of his journey, Gimlette meets farmers, war heroes, ancient tribesmen, world-class cricketers, terrorists, a former president, old planters, survivors of great massacresand perhaps some of their perpetrators. Thats to say nothing of the islands beguiling fauna: elephants, crocodiles, snakes, storks, and the greatest concentration of leopards on Earth.

Here is a land of extravagant beauty and profound devastation, of ingenuity and catastrophe, possessed of both a volatile past and an uncertain futurea place capable of being at once heavenly and hellishall brought to vibrant, fascinating life here on the page.


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