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Noggintwisters: The Great Puzzles Large and Small
: Noggintwisters: The Great Puzzles Large and Small
: Christopher Burns
: The Seashell Press
: 2014
: 15,4
: / English

Take your brain out for a run. Test your wits on nearly two hundred of the best puzzles ever, from a simple one found on an ancient Egyptian scroll, to the most complex cipher standing today in the CIA courtyard. Math puzzles, word puzzles, science oddities, cannibals and missionaries, true and false, deductive reasoning, probabilities, game theory problemsthey are all here.

Gathered from puzzle collections going back to the Romans, Noggintwisters gives you the problem, provides a hint, and then explains how the answer is arrived at. One puzzle was written by Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman when he was in high school, another comes from Abe Lincoln, a life long puzzle addict. And another comes from Albert Einstein, who thought only 2% of people could solve it. Galileo swings weights from the local cathedral, Newton tells you when to add cream to your coffee, Eratosthenes explains how to measure the circumference of the earth, and Rousseau presents the puzzle that is at the core of every political system. Great and small, serious and funny, these are mind games to sharpen your skills, flex your imagination and help you make it in the wild.


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