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: Peter Holt, Ann K.S. Lambton, and Bernard Lewis
: The Cambridge History of Islam: Vols. I-IV
: Cambridge University Press
: 1977
: English
: pdf
: 200,8 mb

It is hoped that in a single concise work the reader will be able to follow all the main threads: political, theological, philosophical, economic, scientific, military, artistic. But The Cambridge history of Islam is not a repository of facts, names and dates; it is not intended primarily for reference, but as a book for continuous reading. It will be useful to students in other fields of history, and particularly to university students of oriental subjects, and will also appeal to those who read history for intellectual pleasure.

Volume 1A: The central Islamic lands from pre-Islamic times to the First World War

Volume 1B: The Central Islamic Lands since 1918

Volume 2A: The Indian Sub-Continent, South-East Asia, Africa and the Muslim West

Volume 2B: Islamic Society and Civilisation


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