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: A Popular Dictionary of Islam
: Ian Richard Netton
: Curzon Press
: 1991
: 264
: Mirknig.su
: 11,3 Mb
: English

This work is both a dictionary and a glossary of terms. It attempts to cover the entire field of lslam, and the terms chosen are such as the reader is likely to find today, and those to be encountered in current reading. In addition, there are brief biographies of eminent Muslims and lslamic scholars throughout
the ages which will enable a ready reference to authorities normally cited.
It is thus a useful compilation and key reference work to an area of study - religious ethical and philosphical - which is commanding enormous attention
in Western society today.
A Popular Dictionary of lslam is a comprehensive, profusely cross-referenced general sourcebook intended for the student, scholar, and general reader,
whether Muslim or Non-Muslim.
Dr. lan Richard Netton is Reader in Arab and lslamic Civilisation and Thought in the University of Exeter, where he teaches in the Department of Arabic and lslamic Studies. He is an internationally acclaimed authority on lslamic philosophy and theology and his many publications include six other books, the most notable of which is his A//ih Transcendent: Studies in the Structure and Semiotics of lslamic Philosophy, Theology and Cosmology. Dr. Netton also edited for Curzon Press Golden Roads: Migration, Pilgrimage and Travel in Mediaeval and Modern lslam.


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