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Sketching With Markers

: Sketching With Markers
: Thomas C. Wang
: Van Nostrand Reinhold
: 1997
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: Eng
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Markers are probably one of the most popular sketching media They are ver satile. expressive, colorful, and. above all easy to use Yet. because of their ability to adapt to a wide range of drawing techniques. markers are still used primarily as a substitute for other traditional sketching media For example, the fme-pomt marker can be used to duplicate the performance of an ink pen Likewise, the rainbow selection of Flair pens is used like an ordinary color pencil set Markers are popular because of their ease in handling and simplicity, rather than for their uniqueness, construction, and range of mb sizes and inks This, unfortunately, does not encourage the development of drawing techniques specifically for markers If this pattern persists, markers may always hold a second fiddle position to pen and pencil, which have an ancient and respectable hentage


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