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: Survival Training for Law Enforcement: The Israeli Combat System for the Urban Warrior
: Tzviel "BK" Blankchtein and Ann R. Bumbak
: CRC Press
: 2011
: 11
: / English

Law enforcement officers are increasingly at risk of violence, injury, and death at the hands of the citizens they are assigned to protect. During the past ten years, there has been a massive upsurge in line-of-duty deaths from intentional violent acts. The question is: what can police trainers do to reduce the trend of violent assaults and murders of police officers? Based on the most sophisticated systems in the world, Survival Training for Law Enforcement: The Israeli Combat System for the Urban Warrior is a definitive guide that offers a new perspective on training police officers to gain control in dangerous confrontations.

Specific techniques for different scenarios

Originally developed for Special Forces and military units, the Israeli Combat System takes the best of martial arts and defensive tactics techniques to create a highly proficient system of street survival for police officers. The book addresses a range of skills, from unarmed techniques to edged weapons and firearm defenses. The techniques are combat-ready, gender-neutral, and low-risk. They are not dependent on strength, flexibility, or size and are easy to train and master.

An essential part of every officers repertoire

Written by a defensive tactics expert and former Israeli Defense Forces infantry reconnaissance team member and a law enforcement training programs expert, the book meticulously delineates a proven and reliable system that has saved lives and averted disaster. Teaching officers to be proactive rather than reactive, it provides a baseline level of knowledge, skills, and techniques in police defensive tactics and fitness that will complete an officers toolbox.


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